«Zelfhaat» - biografía, álbumes, canciones, videoclips

Current Line-up:

Mortifer - vocals, guitar, drums (Raptor, Hell Icon, Hellfire Nemesis)

Pesthond - vocals, guitar, bass

S. - guitar, drums (Hypomanie, Deep-Pression, Isa, Status Epilepticus, Kraakhoer)

Zelfhaat was formed in 2006 by Herr A.I.D.S. and Pesthond to express their feelings of selfloathing and misanthropic views in the only way they can. In februari 2007 Mortifer joined on vocals to complete the miserable despair of Zelfhaat. During the course of 2007 an album was made which was finished early 2008. A long dreadful silence fell over Zelfhaat. In januari 2009 Herr A.I.D.S. announced he quit the band he started. Mortifer and Pesthond will continue and already plans were beginning to take shape for a new album. Halfway through 2009 it is decided to seek more members for the sorrowful entity that is Zelfhaat to try and broaden the perspective of sadness and depression. In S. (Hypomanie, Isa, Deep-Pression) they have found a suitable drummer and guitarist. Now they are three again and will be concentrating on new material for future releases.