Show Me
"Show Me"

If I ask you to trust me on all things
Could you do it?
If I needed you to map your position
Would you try it?

Constantly talkin' bout how much
You love me want me need me
You told me stop talkin'.
No more conversation necessary

Show me

If I needed you to replenish my faith in brothas
Could you do it?
If I need you to be cool with my strength
Could you do it?



Your word is love but you push me
Away and won't say why
You show me your exterior I need to
See your interior
I needs to be
Absolutely clear wit cha if we are
To eva stand a chance
It's the last dance. Don't cha see?
Show me the warrior you're born to be

Warriors keep fightin' I know
You're there
Keep fightin' warrior
I know you're there