«Patterson Hood» - «The Assassin»

The Assassin
Used to be a killer
Best killer in the land
Killed women and children
Just as easy as a man

Leave their mangled bodies
Nonchalantly at the door
But now I ain't got the stomach
For killing any more

Made me lots of money
Was the best at my job
Never had to nine to five
Or cheat or steal or rob

Just load up my gun
And leave them on the floor
But now I've lost my taste
For killing any more

Something must be done
But it's all that I can do
What good is an assassin
Who just can't follow through

She took me in her arms
When no one else would have me
Taught me how to throw the blade
And never let 'em have me

Taught me how to shoot so straight
Without a moments skill
She was the most beautiful thing
That I have ever killed