When all the limbs are numb and clean,
And you're in transit, dream-to-dream,
I'll drift there to meet you, lazybones.

When all the world has lain and sank,
And money sleeps inside the banks,
I'll drift there to meet you, lazybones.

Cameraman sways to remember how the eye dances,
Drunkenness is a hand-held scrambling down Delancey.
I come stumbling; well, I hear you had to take a shine,
And firing at random, I hear the rays fell upon mine.

Cool you, Miss Amaze, with a handful of water.
Trucks encircling, bearing down, coming louder.
If I could stay here, under your idle caress,
And not exit to the world and phoniness and people.

When all the noise has left your head,
Will someday you rise off the bed?
I'll be there to lift you, lazybones.