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The Bolero is a style of music that was first coined in Spain,danced in 2/4 time and associated with the gypsy community. In the late 1880’s… the Cuban song writer Pepe Sanchez wrote “Tristezas” and a labeled it as a Bolero… over the next 30 years the Bolero evolves the core of its current form as a synthesis of African percussion, the Haitian cinquillo and Yucatecan Sones and settles into a 4/4 time that is danced with 3 steps. The Mexican Bolero further evolves in the 1920’s incorporating influences that distinguish it from its Cuban counterparts: Greater attention to Melody and Lyrics, Jazzy influences, and Classical Guitar / Piano vis a vis Manuel M Ponce & Debussy. Over time the definition of Bolero has been amplified to include Danzones, Danzas & Serenatas interpreted by Bolero performers and arranged with a Boleroesque sound. Mexican boleros have been performed in just about every country… and by everyone from Luciano Pavarotti to the Beatles. John Lennon was particularly touched by the Bolero, after recording Besame Mucho it influenced “Yesterday” as well as “And I Love Her” Alvaro Carrillo & Agustin Lara are the giants of this genre, having composed world reknown songs in quantity. Each has a different take, the humble self taught Carrillo delivers haunting melodies & precise lyrics. Agustin Lara’s music is perhaps less haunting but offers a classic sophistication. In either case, both guys will continue to be relevant for centuries. Other notables of the genre are Maria Grever (What a Difference a Day Makes), Consuelo Velazquez (Besame Mucho), Luis Demetrio (La Puerta) and Gonzalo Curiel. The Solistas style of Bolero is usually interpreted by a single Singer, backed by a small orchestra that usually consists of: Acoustic Bass. Requinto Guitar and/or Piano, Light Percussion (Maracas, Bongo etc.,), Sax or Trumpet. Some groups also incorporate Marimba, Harp, Salterio, Cello, Violins, Trombone, Flute and even Electric Guitar