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Extreme Metal is a catch all term used to reference bands within the metal music sub-genres that use ‘extreme’ elements in their music, such as blast beats, very fast or very slow tempos, distorted vocals, and depressing or aggressive themes. death metal, black metal, thrash metal and doom metal are most often considered extreme metal, though bands that are hard to place into a single genre or use a combination of these genres with others are also deemed extreme metal by some. Some people view bands that combine extreme metal music with the gothic metal or symphonic metal genres to not qualify as pure enough to be extreme metal, and so prefer to use the term dark metal to refer to these bands. Similarly, extreme metal bands who do well commercially or move away from extreme metal are often referred to as pop metal, due to their heightened status or what some believe to be an attempt at ‘’selling out’‘.
Main Styles:
Thrash Metal
Death Metal
Black Metal
Doom Metal
Subgenres:deathcoremelodic death metalgrindcoresludge metal
Arguable Genres:
Some speed metal and power metalheavy groove metalmetalcore should count, but there are those who wouldn’t like that.