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Hardcore punk, or simply ‘hardcore’, is a subgenre of punk rock that originated primarily in North America and the UK around 1980. Both scenes, though sharing many similarities, evolved in parallel, the latter taking more influence instead from oi, and speed metal in the vein of Motorhead.
The new sound was generally thicker, heavier and faster than earlier punk rock. The songs are usually short, fast, and loud, covering topics such as politics, social issues, personal freedom, violence, alienation, war, straight edge ideals, and the hardcore subculture itself.
Hardcore has spawned several fusion genres and subgenres, some of which have experienced mainstream success (such as thrash metal, melodic hardcore, metalcore, and post-hardcore), while others (such as crust) have acquired an underground (but arguably more devoted) following. 

Hardcore bands

  • Minor Threat 
  • Black Flag 
  • Agnostic Front 
  • Dead Kennedys 
  • Scream 
  • Madball 
  • Death Before Dishonor 
  • The Exploited 
  • Terror (usually) 
  • Gallows 
  • Bad Brains 
  • Youth of Today 
  • Suicidal Tendencies 
  • DRI 
  • Vision of Disorder (sometimes) 
NOT hardcore (usually more metalcore)
  • Hatebreed 
  • Earth Crisis 
  • Converge 
  • Full Blown Chaos 
  • Parkway Drive 
  • A Day to Remember 
  • Punch Your Face 
  • Unit 731 
  • Bury Your Dead 
  • I Am War 
  • Emmure 
  • Texas in July 
  • August Burns Red 
  • Acacia Strain 
  • While She Sleeps 
and then there’s Integrity.