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The term Nintendocore was coined, as a joke, by Nathan Winneke, lead singer of HORSE the band . The genre is a derivative form of metalcore that fuses typical metalcore elements with chiptunes and 8-bit music. Nintendocore frequently features the use of electric guitars, drum kits, and other typical metalcore instrumentation along side electronic beats or video game music. Use of auto-tuned or synthesized vocals is present, but often limited, while screamed vocals are used heavily. Similar genres include 8-bit, digital hardcore, 8-bit screamo, electronica, 8-bitcybergrind, nintendogrind, trancecore, electronicore, electroclash and artists like, Gtuk, G.A.N. 665+1, An Albatross, Goto 80, Binarpilot, GO! With Fourteen O, Bubblegum Octopus, 8 Bit Weapon,
For a period of time in the early 00s, the term actually referred simultaneously to bands that played covers of Nintendo music with rock instrumentation, probably in reference to the term casiocore, and to bands like HORSE The Band that used analog, analog modeling, or ROMpler synthesizers to create simple waveforms that reminded people of video game sounds within a metalcore or post-hardcore context, but the term was eventually adopted by certain scenesters and incompetents who play melodic metalcore to refer only to the latter.
However, no band is truly nintendocore. What people view as nintendocore is mostly melodic metalcore / post-hardcore with heavy electronic elements such as 8-bit midi synth.

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