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Techno music is a type of electronic and dance music. It emphasizes rhythm and utilizes advancements in music technology and production. It is a mainly instrumental genre, usually reliant on DJ mixes. Techno was developed in and around Detroit, Michigan in the 1980s, and utilizes a myriad of synthesizers, drum machines, multi-tracking, and hardware sequencers. Its main tenets include the use of electronic instruments and the uniformity of a common drum beat.
This style of music uses loop-sequencing and turntables. It also takes advantage of growing technologies with studio effects and futuristic and electronic sounds. Though often strongly mixing melodies and heavy bass lines, techno music relies on pulsing rhythms and follows the typical framework of most Western music. The techno artist, called a producer, uses his studio as a band or orchestra, mixing the sounds he creates into different rhythms as a band would meld instruments into a non-electronic song.
Techno songs rely on heavy syncopation, and utilize the hard drum beats of hip-hop music. Techno beats have a distinct sound to them, and it is this distinction that produces a distinct techno dance. Multiple drum machines can be used to lay tracks over different tracks to create multi-layered beats. Most songs are in 4/4 time and feature time marked with bass drums on the quarter note and hi-hats every second eighth note.