«Anthony Ruptak» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Kyle Anthony Ruptak is an indie/folk rock musician who plays guitar, banjo, piano, drums, harmonica and the triangle. He is also a writer of poetry, prose and short stories.

Dead and dying, my soul and future slowly descend I just laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh And they all say; its fine to laugh Dont take yourself so seriously When I laugh, everything retracts It can be good, but most times it is a dangerous action How can I, can anyone, laugh when youth swiftly shrivels up and time runs thin I should start digging myself out now I should take up the damn shovel and come back out from the dirt I should soon. now. but my heart is missing The world steps on my face with heavy boots I try to catch my breath, but I’m still laughing and it’s impossible to do both I am a slave to everything, even myself I truly envy those who can breathe and smile Those to whom it is all just a game those who say: take the world as it comes Let Go The only thing that I should let go is the thing that makes me numb and comfortable My family, my three or four friends, my hometown If I stick around too long, it will end with nothing A boy with true prospects he never embraced A soul lost and waiting on God A workerbee bringing gold to the queen And then thanked with a paycheck and a grimmace It’s suffering and working toward something worthwhile that makes a man good, that gives him hope Not a dull, dry suffering, like that of a slave But one that holds a secret ambition I can not continue on like this I need to let it all go, sure, but not to chance I need to work towards something real I need no love, no comfort A God that watches silently and maybe waits on me Maybe he has it all mapped out and waits for me to walk into that unfamiliar place And find it Maybe, maybe not, laugh laugh laugh laugh But stop soon And wake up