«Bradley Falls» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Bradley Falls is an Alternative/Pop Punk/Christian band from Asheville N.C, If you ask the fans they would say these guys put on an awesome show for GOD and give people a new way to experience positive music about hope or about jesus. With heart driving pop punk music and inspirational lyrics, these guys really love what they do best. The band formed in 2010, with shows booked every weekend since there formation, the venues and the fans can say you will not be disappointed. You can honestly say these guys and their fans have so much fun at their shows. They have got to share the stage with many of todays top bands such as We The Kings, Eleventyseven, Score 24, Blissed, JJ Weeks band, Maylay, Tuesdays Child and many more. With shows all around the US and a record contract, these guys sure know how to put on a show! Their music has been featured on 93.3 The Planet, 89.3 His Radio Z, 106.9 The Edge, and others. The music is so diverse that it touches everyone in a certain way.Whether its about love, hope, faith or about GOD these guys love singing and playing music for GOD. They also just recently won the Scene Setters award for the best Christian band on Scene on 7. It is easy for them relate with the younger fans and to everyone that loves good christian/rock music, thats why each time they perform their following grows, making them one of the hottest growing bands around right now. They have also caught the eye of 2 music labels, Sparkle City Records and Toxic City Records and signed with Sparkle City in early 2011! These guys love playing music for the simple joy of playing music! It is what they do, it is their lives, and they do this because it is a calling. It is what they are lead to do. They love to spread the word of our lord and savior Jesus Christ to a younger generation in a different, unique way and love to experience love in a new way!


Alternative/Pop Punk/Christian


Cameron Miller—Vocals/guitar, Kevin Lumbert—Bass


Asheville, NC

Record Label

Sparkle City Records

For booking [email protected] or [email protected]