«Chet O'Keefe» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

On his upcoming release “Game Bird”, Chet O’Keefe’s voice is at once old as the hills and young as spring grass, a friendly neighbor’s call like John Prine’s or Waylon Jennings’. At once warm and inviting, and as lived-in as an old easy chair, he sounds like a man who’s been around the block and is back to tell you about it. Indeed he has. For a man who sounds as if he sprung whole and grown from the Kentucky mountains, Chet emerged from New Hampshire, and has crisscrossed the United States several times, sleeping rough and pitching tents by the highway side just like troubadours of old, playing country, blues and practicing Buddhism, meeting Native American medicine men and picking up the heartbeat of the real America as he went along, surfing in Venice, backing up Bo Diddley, and even stopping in at Big Pink (yes, THAT Big Pink!) to record in the same basement as Dylan and the Band.

It all rubbed off. As most great singer-songwriters do, Chet eventually landed in Nashville, playing at Brown’s Diner as often as not, which is where Nanci Griffith heard him and hooked him up with her guitarist and producer Thomm Jutz, and her drummer and co-producer, Pat McInerney. The Gibson Brothers heard his haunting “Ring The Bell” and took it as the single and title track to their latest release.

Chet’s sound evokes the finest Merle Haggard dance-hall moments on “Take Me Down To The Liquor Store” and the sound of the dark woods on the mysterious, minor-key “Game Bird”. A first class guitarist and singer with an avalanche of tunes and country-western know-how in his back pocket, Chet is branching out from Nashville and bringing his music to where real people live, as all troubadours must do.

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Chet O’Keefe-vocals/guitar

Joe “Grigio” Giotta-drums/percussion/vocals

Daniel Seymour-bass guitar; Susie Monick-banjo/mandolin/squeeze box