«Chicken Poodle Soup» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Chicken Poodle Soup is a high-energy ska band out of Minneapolis, Minnesota that incorporates diverse rhythms of ska, reggae, pop punk and swing. With combinations of catchy horn lines, melodic harmonies, and vigorous live shows this upcoming band is one that wont be stopped.

Over the past two years, Chicken Poodle Soup has been playing shows all around Minnesota and recording their debut EP. The Legend of Scottie Guild was released in early November of 2005 and includes eight solid tracks of skankable ska beats. The band is currently promoting the record and branching out to other Midwest states to spread their music for all ska fans to hear.

Chicken Poodle Soup has played alongside many well-known acts such as Suburban Legends, Mustard Plug, I Voted for Kodos and have won multiple battle of the bands competitions. The band hopes to revive the dying ska genre and appear in a town near you, to watch you dance til you drop.