«Chronolyth» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Chronolyth is an Australian melodic death/groove metal band from Brisbane, Queensland, formed in 2011. After a heavy line-up change and renaming to resurrect as a new entity due to copyright issues as Stigmartyr, the band grew to become the product of Hamish McSorley (Vocals), Alex Nisiriou (Guitars), Jimmy Barrett (Bass), Ben Constable (Guitars) and Michael Gee (Drums). With founding members Alex Nisiriou and Hamish McSorley resulting as the only remaining members of the original line-up, the band’s sound began to grow in a heavier direction.

The band would soon be headlining highly respected shows such as the Ye Gods of Metal 2013 Festival and officially voted by fans as #1 most requested band to support heavyweights Cradle of Filth in 2013. Record label attention resulted in joining with Hardline Media within months of establishing themselves in the metal scene. Fans would recognise Chronolyth for their tight and energetic live shows, fuelled by engagingly heavy yet melodic music.

Chronolyth would finally release their debut lead single ‘Bitter Reflection’ in November 2012, receiving much attention from European countries such as Sweden and Finland while even seeking approval from highly regarded artists such as Deals Death. ‘Bitter Reflection’ would receive airplay both internationally (The Rock, New Zealand) and nationally (Triple M, Triple J, 4ZZZ, AndrewHaugRadio, Australia).

Chronolyth toured throughout Australia before recording their debut album ‘Sovereign’ in April 2013 alongside producer/engineer Nik Carpenter (Core Studios) to be mixed and mastered by the legendary Zeuss (Planet Z Studios), scheduled for release late 2013.