«Crown Of Malevolence» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Early 2011 in the wastelands of west Texas, a 5-headed abomination of mankind was shat into existence…Crown Of Malevolence brings forth an uncompromising level of brutality seeking only to push the envelope of musical extremity. Fueled by Booze and aborted fetuses, we have set out to unveil our pestilence unto humanities unsuspecting ears.

Visit us at:www.reverbnation.com/crownofmalevolence, www.facebook.com/crownofmalevolence, www.unsigned.com/crownofmalevolence, www.purevolume.com/crownofmalevolence, www.myspace.com/crownofmalevolence, www.soundcloud.com/crownofmalevolence,
www.twitter.com/CrwnOfMalevlnce, www.last.fm/music/Crown+Of+Malevolence