«Dandy Jon Poet» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Dandy Jon

was Born 1984, in Deadmonton, Alberta, Canada,

born in the decade of Anarchy Punk Rock and Doomsday Goth Rock,

Dandy Jon is an Artist, a weird one at that,

he works on whatever projects that comes his way and has been working in the Underground for quite some time,

as a Poet, he’s still busting his ass when it comes to making art,

writing poems and making weird youtube videos.

His major influences include:

His major influences include Billy Corgan, Dallas Green, Margaret Cho, George Romero, Pansy Division, Harvey Milk, Edward Gorey, The Ramones, James Dean, Star Fucking Hipsters, Clive Barker, Saul Williams, Allen Ginsberg, John Waters, Bruce LaBruce, David Lynch, Colby Keller, The Damned, Stanley Kubrick, The Adicts, Misfits, Dead Man’s Bones as well as Modern Poets like Mingus Tourrette and Books like SHUCK by Daniel Allen Cox, one of Dandy Jon’s biggest influences, also, films like Where the Wild Things Are, Land of the Dead, Trainspotting, Beginners, INK, Half Nelson, Return of the Living Dead and Dear Wendy.

This is his DA page, so enjoy. Cheers!

This spoken word poetry is just one of his many projects, and he hopes you dig em, or hate em, either way he says “good”.