«Daniel Iván» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Daniel Iván (born June 20th, 1972, at Mexico City, Mexico) is a Multimedia Artist focused on video-art, photography, experimental music, experimental sound art, multimedia environments, animation, experimental hypertext and net-art. His work is developed on digital environments and with a main focus on the use of new media and new techonologies of information and comunication as a central part of his artwork.

His works have been exhibited in festivals and contemporary art facilities around the world, such as the 2010 Digital Graffiti Festival (Alys Beach, Florida), the International Digital Art Festival of the National Academy of Art (Sofia, Bulgaria) -among others-, and have been featured on many modern art focused websites. Most of his works are published under Creative Commons licences and can be downloaded, exhibited and broadcasted freely for non-commercial purposes.

During 2009 he released the “Muerto casi todo” (Almost Everything’s Dead) album and the score “Banda Sonora Para Una Película Imposible” (Soundtrack for an Impossible Movie). During 2001 he released “Plaga” (Plague).

He has an early solo record: “Última Anarquia” (Last Anarchy), recorded during 1998; an “spoken word” project. This was released only on audio-tape and is not yet digitalized nor re-released.

Daniel Iván release all of his music under a Creative Commons license.

He was also the leading voice and harmonica player for the alternative rock band “Psicótica Escasez”, also participated on several experimental music bands at Mexico, such as “Ixtab” and “Mujer Inmensa”. The must well known project with his collaboration was the seminal blues and rock band “Los Prostitutas”. Since 2002 until 2007 he was the frontman for the rock&roll band “Joe’s Ñeros Band”, a very well known group on the mexican rockabilly scene.

He is well reputated as radio producer; his must well known radio shows are Radio-Diablo (www.radio-diablo.com) and La Muerte Chiquita.

To know more, visit his official site at www.danielivan.com