«Dark Eternity» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

With their debut ‘Selenia’, Dark Eternity has been, step by step, making it’s way inside the national metal scene, due to songs full of melody and technique.

Settled in Vigo, northwest of Spain, this young band has it’s inception in 2007, carried out by Rodrigo Blas and Jorge Fernández.

After some line-up changes and one demo released (called ‘The Last Way to the

End’), Dark Eternity finally became the next quartet:

- Jorge Fernández (guitar)

- Rodrigo Blas (guitar, voice)

- Eloi Pascual (drums)

- Carlos Pérez (bass)

In February of 2011, DE entered in Bedroom Studios to record their first LP

called ‘Selenia’, produced by Daniel Soengas (Skydancer). After several months of effort, editing and mixing, the album was sent to Mafia Record Studios for the further master.

Thereby, in October of 2011, ‘Selenia’ saw the light under the label of Suspiria Records, into different plataforms like the physical and digital editions, or many compilations like ‘Rock Estatal’ or ‘Hall of Metal’.

So far, the album has been very well appreciated by the specialized press, praising chiefly the writing level, in spite of being that young as a band.

‘With no doubts this is a good debut of this galicians, who want to show us that Galician and Scandinavia are not as far as it seems’ (Metal4All)

‘Selenia’ is one of the best models of the graceful character of melodic Death Metal. It can be heavy and vicious but when the melodies kick in, it is a thing of beauty’ (Metal Temple)

‘Great debut this one of the guys of Dark Eternity with “Selenia”, in which you can appreciate, from the beginning until the end, an initiative and strenght that sometimes will hardly make us believe that this is a band starting to do it’s first steps inside the genre’ (The DrinkTim)

‘Selenia is an excelent album of melodic death metal…’ (Metal Hammer)

‘A very strong debut from these lads who will hopefully be getting themselves on the road to get some more attention, which they rightly deserve’ (Soundshock)

The band goes on and after their ‘Selenia’ tour, it’s already in the phase of preproduction of their new album, where they’re gonna do their best in every single riff.

This drove Rodrigo to leave the main voice to focus on guitars, and to leave this role to Alex de la Sota, the fifth member of Dark Eternity.