«David Ell» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

David Ell announces himself with his debut album Wreckingball, a record full of dark, brooding and powerful pop songs. Born in Sheffield his family moved to small Scottish village Falkland, in Fife, when he was young. He displayed a verve and passion for music from a young age, teaching himself piano, performing in local shows and writing his own music.

Wreckingball is his first studio album, which he recorded and mixed at Cava Studios in Glasgow, an album variously reviewed and described as “epic”, having a “big big sound”, “lush and full” and simply “the best debut album in ages”. The album touches on themes of loss of faith, love and identity. “For raw heart-on-the-sleeve pop, look no further”.

Influences are hinted at in his debut album. It is no surprise to learn that he admires the music of bands such as Sigur Ros, Coldplay, U2, the Killers, Radiohead, Editors, the Doves, Arcade Fire and the Cure and singer songwriters like Stephen Fretwell, Damien Rice, Tom Waits, Conor Oberst among others. While the tracks on his debut feature all lend themselves to more pared down acoustic versions, there is no doubt the finished sound of this album is a big big band sound richly crafted with layer upon layer of guitar and keyboard parts driving the strong melodies at the heart of this album. david ell is a multi-instrumentalist, he does everything on the album. It’s an eclectic sound, mixing the best traditions of classic British and American pop-rock but with more than a hint of European electronica- unsurprisingly, the album is picking up fans from all over the world.

David Ell plays live in top venues around the country both solo and as part of another band ECHOFIRES.

He also has an instrumental soundtrack album currently in the final stages of production and due for release in 2011. Entitled Dance of the Furies, this promises to be an arresting diversion from his opening album with more than a hint of classical influences coming to the fore.

Never one to sit back, David also has an acoustic EP due for release towards the end of next year. producers in the country. Anyone going to see David Ell in 2011 will hear some of these tracks performed live. Check out all 11 album tracks of Wreckingball on amazing tunes http://www.amazingtunes.com/users/davidell?ref=davidell buy MP3 or CD now by clicking below