«De Jim» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

De Jim – the band from Kiev, playing in the style of alternative rock.

This style is certainly not limited to, but fits into a certain framework, which it creates and changes with the progress of time. The listener may compare the sound of this band to any European or American act, but it is worth mentioning that the trademark is a high-class guitar work and of course, the integral keyboards accompaniment, that make the style more adapted not only to the target audience, but most of the people.


- Alex Chirva - keyboards;

- Anvar Azizov - vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar;

- Dimitri Yatsenko - drums;

- Konstantin Kartamyshev - solo and rhythm guitar;

- Bogdan don’t know what the name - bass guitar