«Dual Control» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Dual control are Mike Ball (Bally) and Phil Davis (DJ Styles) who have been making beats together in Manchester for 5 years. Dual Control are not new to the Grand Central camp - their first release was featured on GC’s Central Heating 2 compilation and Mike Ball has been engineering for Grand Central for years. Hence, the beats here are distinctly flavoured in traditional Grand Central sauce.

Although Mike’s first love is hip hop, he spent his late teens attending the biggest open air raves down South before moving back up to Manchester in the mid-nineties and getting work at the Planet 4 recording studio. Here he got to work with the likes of M People, BT and Electronic. “They were mad mad days!” says Mike - “I was buzzing off people like Brian Transeau - he was really inspiring and dead enthusiastic!”

Then Mike met Steve Christian (of Rae & Chrisitian) who was also working in the same studio. Steve asked Mike to join him as engineer at Grand Central and the rest is history.

Phil Davis on the other hand used to be in a sound system called the Rude Boy Assassins and he also worked on Soul Nation pirate radio. Phil does the nifty scratching on Boogie Down Feature and gives the duo a distinctly street soul vibe.

From Grand Central’s Website