«E.X.P. Feat. Julia» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

E.X.P. are Jimmy Nicoli, Luca Galiati and Mario Borgonovo.

This Italian Eurodance trio. E.X.P. were noticed right from the start with their first single “Before The Night” in 1992.

Their formula was simple and consisted to release dance tracks similar to the popular German dance hits of the time. And so “Before The Night” was based on “Understand This Groove” by SoundFactory while “Shake Your Body” was based on Snap!’s “Rhythm Is A Dancer”.

The titles of E.X.P. were very ‘DJ Friendly’ and began to be mixed by DJ’s with the hits they were based on.

Fronted by vocalists Julia and Katya Dave, E.X.P. collected the club hits.

“Before The Night” was used in a mash up by The Original. “Shake Your Body” and “Save Me” did well in Europe and Canada.

The latter singles got lost in the saturated market of Eurodance. “The Sound (Keep Rolling)” (1994) was heavily based on Corona’s “Rhythm Of The Night” while “Dunga! Dunga!” (1995), the very last song to be released by E.X.P., was very similar to “Dub-I-Dub” by Me & My.