«Eboracum» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Eboracum is a musical project composed of two musicians: Fatimah Almeida from Brazil (voice, music, lyrics) and Andreas Horber from Switzerland (voice, music, instruments, lyrics).

Eboracum’s music started through internet in 2009 when Fatimah sent Andreas an acoustic version of A lack of patience and he worked on it with some arrangements… In September (2009) they had their first meeting in York (UK) and composed other songs for their first EP.

As the songs were composed in York, a city in England which used to be called “Eboracum” and gave them great inspiration, they decided to call their project “Eboracum”. The songs have a striking connection with the British city and some of its special places as the York Minster. The music is metal, ambient, spiritual and there is some celtic influence on Fatimah’s voice and acoustic songs.

The songs are in English, except for Laudamus te in Latin and a poem in Romansh written by Andreas for the song Ghost chasing your way.