«Frantic Amber» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

In 2008 guitarist Mary founded Frantic Amber with the idea to have a band that could deliver more attitude and brute force than what is normally seen in all-girls-band.

Members has changed several times since that first idea and the quest for the right singer took quite a long time. But in 2009 Frantic Amber finally found a true metal vocalist in Elizabeth from Denmark, and since there was no point in wasting time the band recorded a few promosongs with her. In late 2009 fate would have it so that Mary and Elizabeth were the only two members still active in the band but thanks to those recorded songs they were now able to shift into a higher gear to look for band members. This time things went pretty well and within a couple of months the line-up was completed with three talented metal girls of different origins. Sandra (Bass) from Norway, Emlee (Drums) from Sweden and Mio (Lead guitar) from Japan is now together with Mary and Elisabeth the Frantic Amber that delivers just the right attitude that was intended from the very start.

Frantic Amber is by all means an international all-female metal band and the homebase is in Stockholm, Sweden. A special brand och heavy and low-tune kick ass metal with female growl and clean vocals is on the agenda so be sure to check the band out whether on the net or at live shows.

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