«Fresh Cherries From Yakima» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Inspired by an equal love for Nirvana’s seminal Unplugged in New York album and hip-hop production duo The Neptunes, Fresh Cherries from Yakima, solo project of Seattle-based recluse Douglas Martin, visualizes lovelorn folk-pop through the same hazy, distorted, cracked lens as TV on the Radio, an admitted influence on the songwriter, sees experimental rock music. In what started out as merely a lo-fi vehicle for his scholarly, observant, darkly-humorous lyricism and off-beat narrative fiction, Martin somewhere along the way started drawing from and infusing elements of ambiance and noise-punk into his acoustic-driven tunes, which themselves draw from doo-wop (“Sailor Hats and Cigarettes”), campfire sing-alongs (“Flood Party,” “North Caroline: Suite One”), piano-based murder ballads (“Bailey Was a Serial Killer”) and traditional folk music (“Whiskey and Warhol,” “Bailey Was a Serial Killer (Part Two)”). Naturally, taking cues from this many sources makes it difficult to draw a straight line between Douglas and his most comparable peers, making him a singular identity in an overcrowded room of singer/songwriters.