«Gangs Of Ballet» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Gangs of Ballet is a Durban-based band comprising of four musicians and friends. Each accomplished musicians in their own rights, the band’s members - Brad Klynsmith (Vocals /Electric Guitar), Jonathan Rich (Keyboard/Synth), Hardus de Beer (Bass Guitar) and Josh Klynsmith (Drums) - have combined their various individual tastes and styles to create a sound that is captivatingly fresh.

Their music, which boasts a winning combination of their vibrant energy and a host of musically intriguing melodies, cannot be pinned down to any specific genre but rather experiments with an eclectic mix of alternative, melodic, anthemic, electronic and dance. In any context, Gangs of Ballet’s audiences are encouraged to experience the band’s music in ways that are dually intuitive and physical as their music seeks to stimulate the musically-minded while also providing those merely seeking a good time with a good reason to dance.

Originally formed as a side-project, Gangs of Ballet came into official existence at its debut gig opening for aKing in July of 2011. Gangs of Ballet is currently working on the release of their EP and is awaiting the launch of their first music video early this year. Their first single, ‘Breaking the Silence’, was released in September of 2011 and by early November it had entered into the 5fm Top 40 chart. The single has since continued to climb its way up the chart and after just 10 weeks on the chart, ‘Breaking the Silence’ entered the new year at 7th place and with a spot on 5fm’s list of the Top 100 Hottest Hits of 2011.

While Gangs of Ballet may be new on the music scene, its members are far from it. With all members having been involved in bands, side projects and studio recordings in the past, and with three of the four members having pursued music at tertiary level, the Gangs of Ballet boys are no strangers to the stage or recording studio. With their combined wealth of talent, experience and creativity, these four Durbanites hope to make a quality contribution to South Africa’s growing music scene and it would appear that they are already well on their way to their way to doing just that.

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