«Garten der Asche» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Garten Der Asche is a project run by 2 South Africans musicians who are starting to make some noise in South Africa, and in the international scene. They have been released on a number of compilations, including the brilliant Infacted vol 2.

Garten Der Asche has been through a number of metamorphoses, but none was so great as the transition from a simple recorded band to a live act. Garten Der Asche has wowed audiences in South Africa and in Germany with their unique stage performances, which at the time did not include any live musicians, something unique in both countries. The response to GDA’s music has been enthusiastic in many different corners of the world, due to GDAs use of the internet as its primary promotional tool.

GDA’s music is about the dark side of human nature, and also reaches out to tell the dark-electro community to fight for what they believe in, without surrendering to the happy melodies of futurepop. GDA is dark-electro to its core, and this means that each new track is something different and may fall into many genres, but something dark and melodically powerful with the vocal combination of ice and fire.