«Gary Marlowe» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Gary Marlowe, award-winning composer and producer from Berlin, started playing piano at age four.

He studied Composition for Film with Oscar® winners Luis Bacalov and Nicola Piovani at the Accademia Musicale Chigiana and is a three times Jerry Goldsmith Awards finalist. His trademark is an emotional, unique mix of very intimate live instruments, cutting edge sound design and elegant orchestra parts.

A multi-instrumentalist with an outstanding collection of rare instruments, he records many of his distinctive scores live, creating unique, emotional music in uncompromising, state-of-the-art quality. He runs a world class studio in Bavaria, and heads “zimmermitaussicht”, a film music alliance with Daniel Hoffknecht.

Gary Marlowe is also a #1 songwriter, with international Platinum and Gold Record Awards, composes for advertisement campaigns, and gets his aural frames music installation art internationally exhibited. He is voting member of the World Soundtrack Academy and the European Film Academy.

2014 score for “Mordsfreunde”, with Daniel Hoffknecht as zimmermitaussicht.

2013    score for “The Old, the Young and the Sea”, with Daniel Hoffknecht as zimmermitaussicht.

additional music for “Houston”, in competition at Sundance Festival, winner Hofer Filmtage.

          score for “Jedes Jahr im Juni”.

score for “Sogar die Nacht”, with Daniel Hoffknecht as zimmermitaussicht.

Jerry Goldsmith Awards finalists.


2012    UNESCO web series “Inside the Stones”, music by Nine Inch Nails, Gary Marlowe and Moby.

            Hollywood Music In Media Awards nomination “Best Score Commercial” (SEAT Mii).

            Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2012 finalist “Best Music for Advertisement”.

2011    score for “1949”, German predicate of special merit, Nominee Berlin Shortcutz Awards.

            score for “Stubbe - Querschläger”.

2010    personal exhibition “requiem | repeat”, aural frames installation in Venice.

Jerry Goldsmith Awards 2010 finalist “Best Score Documentary”.

2009    score for “Heisse Spur”, adaptation of U.S. bestselling novel “Cry No More”.

            score for “A Place Called Los Pereyra”.

            aural frames installation “the forest of st. elena”, Venice Art Biennale, Richard Nonas exhibition.

2008 score for adaptation of Charlotte Link´s bestselling novel “Das Echo der Schuld”.

2007 score for “Schuld und Unschuld”.

four Nominations Film&TV Music Awards in Los Angeles.

2006 score for the prime time tv movie “Kunstfehler”.

score for „Celebration Of Flight“, winner Gloria and Thin Line film festivals, USA.

2005 “Lautlos” (Soundless), Grand Prix at the 23rd International Film Festival of Cognac, France.

Platinum Award at the 38th Houston International Film Festival, U.S.A.