«Grant Me Revenge» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Grant Me Revenge are a Glasgow based Metal/Hardcore crossover act formed in early 2007.

Dave McCourt - Vocals

Ross Muir - Guitar

Scott Weild - Lead Guitar

Scott Martin - Drums

Stephen Kerr - Bass

With a distinctive sound and original sound, Grant Me Revenge put on an impressive stage performance and have shown they can perform both on and off the record.

Blending vicious beatdowns with heavily detuned instruments, Grant Me Revenge prove that creating aggressive music with the purpose still intact is possible.

As stated by UK Metal Underground (ukmetalunderground.com):

“Grant Me Revenge stay well away from the stagnation of the metal/deathcore genre, instead choosing to pave a path in 21st century, forward thinking hardcore.

Instead of blatant, faux-aggressive breakdowns you can predict 30 seconds before they turn up to annoy you, Grant Me Revenge manage to incorporate them intelligently into their songs without sending you to sleep.”