«I, Apparatus» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

I, Apparatus was started in mid-2008 in the small town of Minot, ND. Beginning as a 5 piece, the group eventually found 4 like-minded individuals who had a passion for what they did.

Heavy, chaotic, melodic, and just plain crazy are some of the words used to describe the groups music. They take the concept of a live show and instead of making it a performance, they create an experience. “We want to create an atmosphere where the emotions we put out can be felt by the audience,” states Dennis. If you haven’t seen I, Apparatus live, then you don’t know I, Apparatus.

The band, in their three years of existence, have made multiple national tours, played many festivals, and play every show possible to expand their audience. The band has put out multiple albums including: 3 EP’s (Self Titled, This is Your Derailment, and Iscariot), and a 7” vinyl record (Entitlement).

In 2011, they recorded their first full length, “Ebola and the Botanist.” The album consists of 11 songs that twist and turn from beginning till end. It will be released on Hotfoot Records records late 2011!

“I, Apparatus threw in a mixture of hardcore and mathcore and blend it beautifully, A hard undertaking in this day and age where bands are starting to sound the same but I, Apparatus put themselves on a whole new pedestal with this release. I really tried to find something negative about this album and I’m still searching but to no avail.” - Underground Music Unite