«J. Blitz» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

J. Blitz (born Jeremy Reneau), is an underground hip-hop artist born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana (now living in Denver, Colorado due to being displaced by Hurricane Katrina). Known for his distinctive voice and the ability to seemingly rhyme for days at a time, he’s widely considered to be one of the best emcees from

his region, past or present.

Growing up in New Orleans’ 9th Ward, J. Blitz experienced everything from crime, violence, drugs, corrupt politics, and social injustice, contrasted by a strong Pro-Black, socially conscious community, and exposure to culture, soul, and diversity, all of which is reflected in his music. Blitz cites artists such as

Rakim, Method Man, Scarface, Nas, Mos Def, Public Enemy, Beanie Sigel, Common, The Roots, & Kool G Rap as musical influences.

J. Blitz is a member of the hip-hop groups Quotable (along with 0-T, and Wise), The

Bad Liver Project (along with DonJuan Fontaine, and Noctavian, both of The Senate), and New Orleans hip-hop supergroup The N.O.vators (comprised of Quotable, the Senate, and Allen Poe). Known aliases, former stage names, and nicknames for J. Blitz include: J Buddha, Buddy Reno, Catalyst, and Gorilla Monsoon.

J. Blitz released the “Suckapunch mixtape” in 2004, and was heavily featured on the N.O.vators 2003 release “Crescent City Classic vol. 1.” He is currently slated to release the “Suckapunch Mixtape version 1 pernt 5” in May of 2008, and is expected follow up with his debut album “Destined For Greatness” in July or August of 2008. A sophomore album entitled “Nice Guys Finish Last” is already in the works, as well as Quotable’s debut album “Timeless” nearing completion, and Bad Liver Project’s soon to be released EP.