«Jaleo Real» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Jaleo Real comes from the suburbs of Barcelona. Their music plays with elements of reggae, rumba, tango, flamenco, Cuban son and hip-hop. The true urban mestizo, the real rumba callejera full of joy and energy! Contagious…

JALEO REAL is born in Barcelona by 2002, bringing up the real neighbourhood’s spirit together with the wide experience of it’s members. Jaleo Real’s sounds includes Reggae, Cuban son, Tango,…but always flowing into the vigorous energy of street Rumba.

Their lyrics are a Hymn to the popular aspects of everyday life and the pleasures in it.

The group is made of two lead vocals, two Spanish guitars, bass and cajon flamenco. Their shows are a huge party or as they like to say, A Passtime of Rhythm.

During autumn 2002 they’ve recorded their first album entitled Al Pescado with the aim of showing their style all around, only with this between hands they started a great adventure of shows around Catalonia, northern Spain and two European tours (Switzerland, Austria and Germany) with over 200 shows.

Now they are presenting their own first production album made up of twelve songs and a lot of accumulated happiness. In this cd, some old members (now in Barcelona’s group La Kinky Beat) collaborated as well as Madgit, guitarist of the legendary group Radio Bemba.

Official site: http://www.jaleoreal.com