«Jyoji Sawada» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Jyoji Sawada (沢田穣治) is a Japanese musician.

It is not easy to categorize the works of Jyoji Sawada. His relentless genre hopping has allowed him to approach the music from more of a modern classical perspective, Brazilian music is represented by Choro Club which Sawada has belonged to for 17 years, pop, even incorporating a string quartet into much of his work. Sawada is kind of a “kitchen sink” style composer, heavily utilizing the sampler and the studio, but all his sounds are quite beautiful and/or intriguing.

Not only his style of music, but his valid field of works range from producing artists domestic and abroad, soundtracks for films, dance, theatre, musicals, and TV-programmes. He has been working with various artists over the world such as Marcos Suzano, Arto Rinsey, Jaques Morelebaum, Joyce, Simon Fisher Turner, and Teresa Wong (Erfu).