«Keane Freeman» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Keane Freeman is an American singer/songwriter, musician and writer. He was born in Oceanside, California on October 3, 1985. He has performed as a solo artist as well as with various bands and has recorded over a dozen albums as a self-produced recording artist. Freeman began to teach himself guitar at 12 years old and by the age of 15 had become proficient in both guitar and keyboards, and began experimenting with recording techniques. Freeman developed his recording and musical style while overdubbing instruments and voice on a crude 2-track tape recorder. His first release was entitled “I am Everything”, and was released in March of 2005. In 2007, Freeman released the album “The Cancer Wars” through his Myspace page and began performing throughout Southern California in support of the album. In late 2007 his song “John Law” picked up by the Canadian label Quickstar Productions to be released internationally on their compilation “Chill Out: Vol.7”. In 2009, Freeman joined the group Blondes of Vertigo to assist in the mastering of their highly successful debut album, “Shapes of Things”. A collaboration between the two artists, entitled “Political Jesus” was included a favorite from the album, and Freeman joined The Blondes of Vertigo full time as bassist in 2009. Throughout 2009, Freeman found work performing as a member of The Blondes of Vertigo as well as with the funk group The Cat Family. Freeman left both groups in 2010 and returned to the studio as a solo artist to record the album “The Nomad”, released in 2010.