«Lacrima» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

There are at least 4 bands called Lacrima:

1) A Polish gothic metal band formed in 1994 in Kraków (Cracow). The band recorded a demo The Prisoners Of Time in 1997, a full-length album The Time of Knight’s Return in 1999 and the EP Innocent Incarnations in 2003. Lacrima disbanded in 2005, but was reactivated in 2007. In 2011 the 2nd full length Old Man’s Hands was released.

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2) A doom death band from Portugal formed in 1995, which realeased two demo-tapes called Tears From Inside in 1996 and Theatrical Sensations in 1997. On 21st of May 1996 they did an opening act together with Portuguese band Mortify for Vader, Immolation, Impaled Nazarene, Dark Tranquility and Cannibal Corpse at the Carlos Lopes Pavillion. They split after the second demo.

3) Lacrima is also the name of a progressive metal band from Nicosia, Cyprus. The band is currently on hiatus but a preview of their 2007 demo Forsaken is circulating.

4) An uplifting trance group famous for their song Nessun Dorma which contains samples of the arie from the famous Puccini opera Turandot .