«Latin Sampling» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Latin Sampling, formed in the Caribean city of Barranquilla-Colombia is a young latin fusion Band living now in Germany and studying at the Music Colleges in Essen, Cologne and Mannheim.

They are creating a new atmosphere, Modern, Young with Fresh music for everyone.Their first Album was recorded in Mallorca (Spain)at the “33 Studio”, which will be released in Nov. 2005.

This album containes instrumental pieces and also features great Singers from St. Lucia, Germany and Colombia.The most important thing for them is that they feel the music

deeply, and in live performance generate a Hot ambience.

The Power of the rhythm and the texture of the Harmonie create an atmosphere that can be sensed by everybody.

Latin Sampling grew up together, and as children have worked on the develop of an original music.

All pieces are composed, and arranged by the Band.

Latin Sampling has participated in many national and international jazz festivals and competitions, here a few of them…

- Barranquijazz (2000 - 2001) Barranquilla - Colombia, first place.

- Fesujazz (2000 - 2001) Bogota - Colombia. First place.

- Sierra, mar y jazz: (2000) Santa marta - Colombia. First place

- Fesujazz (2000-2001) Bogota - Colombia. First Place

- Jugend Jazzt festival: (2002) Hamburg - Germany. First place

- Jugend Jazzt festival: (2003) Bonn - Germany. FirstPlace. (www.jugentjazzt.de)

- Duckstein festival: (2003) Hamburg - Germany

- Jazz Train: (2003) Hamburg - Germany

- Jazz Train: (2004) Hamburg - Germany

- Birdland Jazz Federation (2003) Hamburg - Germany

- Musikteatret (2003) Vejle - Dinamarca

- Jugend Musikfest (DUR TOUR 2003) Magdeburg - Germany

- “Harmonie” (2004) featuring Ack van Royen And Jazzattack Bonn - Germany

- Recording on Studio 33 in Mallorca Spain (2004)

- Ostsee Jazz festival in Rostock (2004)

** And many more festivals and performances…