«Leche De Tigre» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

(Excerpted from Leche De Tigre’s official website at www.lechedetigremusic.com)

A blend of musical styles known as latin gypsy funk. Three nylon string guitars, drums, bass, cello, percussion, vocals form the 8-piece group Leche De Tigre, started in 2009 in Kona, Hawaii. In 2011, the band released their debut album, Lactophilia. Their sound, often laced with rock influences, relies on the percussive and melodic impact of acoustic guitars to engage the audience.


Leche De Tigre sprouted from a weekly acoustic jam session in the back of Ceviche Dave’s restaurant in Kona, Hawaii. The musically adventurous and jovial gatherings explored exotic flavors of latin, gypsy jazz, rock, afro-cuban, and classical styles. Within months, it became an event in itself, with a growing audience coming to enjoy the unusual music.

Some band members soon ventured out to play together at other venues, receiving positive responses to their fresh and energetic sound and landing the band gigs. Leche De Tigre continued honing their rocking latin gypsy funk sound playing shows regularly at restaurants, clubs, private events, as well as theater, festival and outdoor concert venues.

First album

As the buzz around Leche De Tigre’s performances grew, the group was encouraged to go into the studio in 2010 to record original compositions for an EP. However, the live-in-the-studio recording session yielded twelve tracks — diverse, yet consistent in their styling.

In 2011, Leche De Tigre independently released their first album. Lactophilia showcases the band’s flair for witty, danceable music with eleven original compositions, plus a traditional, “Dark Eyes.”

A wide range of styles blend on the record. Latin/caribbean rhythms, gypsy and Eastern European influences, tango, rock/funk, arabesque, French ballad, spacy bossa nova all lend great color to Lactophlilia.

Band Members

“Ceviche” Dave Weaver – guitar

Joe Marcelin – congas + percussion

Jing Jing Tsong – cello, melodica

Craig Miller – drums

Lee Motter – vocals

Robby Malovic – bass

Lukas Lessa – guitar

Dan Brauer – guitar, vocals

More info, news, links, and music can be found at Leche De Tigre’s official website www.lechedetigremusic.com