«Marc Roberts» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Marc Roberts is an Irish pop singer that represented Ireland at the 1997 Eurovision Song Contest with a song called “Mysterious Woman” that came 2nd.

Ever since the day he mesmerised the audience at his local school concert singing Don McLean’s American Pie, Marc Roberts was destined for stardom.It was the spontaneous burst of wild applause from parents and friends in his hometown of Crossmolina, Co Mayo, that sowed the seed for his love of performing.Marc was bitten by the showbiz bug that night, but never imagined that by 1997 he would be representing Ireland on the international stage, singing in the Eurovision Song Contest before 300 million TV viewers. He came second with Mysterious Woman, and it officially launched his career as he went on to perform on top TV shows that included the Late Late Show, Richard & Judy, Open House, and the Kelly Show. Since the glory days of Eurovision, Marc has been carving out a lifestyle as a live performer, singer/songwriter and even finds time to host a popular Saturday afternoon radio show on Galway Bay FM.

He has enjoyed critical acclaim for his tribute concert to the late John Denver, who is one of his influences along with other singer/songwriter legends like James Taylor, David Gates, Dan Fogelberg, Janis Ian and Carole King. Marc has also become a mentor to his showbiz pal Daniel O’Donnell, guiding and encouraging the superstar to become a songwriter. Realising that Daniel’s turn of phrase had a lyrical quality, Marc coaxed him into co-writing songs with instant success. The fruit of their partnership had led to several O’Donnell/Roberts songs appearing on Daniel’s recent top-selling albums.

With the singer/songwriter now back in vogue, thanks to the popularity of artists like David Gray, Marc has now released his third album called ‘Once In Your Life’.