«Melencolia Estatica» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Melencolia Estatica is a depressive BM band from Italy, featuring Climaxia, the guitarist from Absentia Lunae and V.o.r.a.g.o., on song-writing, bass and guitar, Solitudo on vocals and Thorns from Absentia Lunae on drums. They have released two albums, self-titled, in 2006, and Letum in 2008. This band is meant to remain in shadow, not many informations given, as a consequence of the intimacy of the concealed concept.

M.E. takes its name by ancient Hellenic medicine where the Melè (µέλή / the black gall) was one of the 4 moods bringing to melancholy, a state that if fully accomplished can lend to a sort of ecstasy and strength. M.E. has its roots in this ecstasy. Musically this concept is very suitable to the states of desperation and meditation that merge themselves in those songs, being strongly influenced by the romantic decadent art.