«Mindecease» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

minDecease is a Greek newcomer band in dark electro-industrial European community. They were formed in Athens, Greece in 2002. minDecease are Ctrl-X (lyrics & vocals) and accessERROR (synths & programming). Their music reflects an aggressive atmosphere full of danceable hard beats, distorted vocals and special melodic synth lines touching a pure electro-industrial genre in the vein of Out of Line and Noitekk bands like Hocico, Tactical Sekt, Aslan Faction, God Module or even Suicide Commando. minDecease have already participated in the following collections: - United Vol. 1 (NoiTekk) with the track Deep inside of U - Endzeit Bunkertracks [ Act 1 ] (alfa-matrix)with the track Despair (Infected mix) - NoiseTerror v.1 (NTP) with the track “Tears of Redemption (industrial accident mix)” Their first live performance was with Das Ich in Elfentanz Night Out in Greece