«MU Productions» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Mysterious Universe (or MU) is a popular podcast from the SOH Radio Network. The host is Ben Grundy and is recorded in Sydney, Australia. The podcast typically discusses the paranormal and other topics outside the popular news media.

Some of the most common topics covered are Bigfoot, alien abductions, shadow people and Old Hag Syndrome. The first nine episodes are not available for download and were never planned to be aired outside of Sydney.

Mysterious Universe is regularly in the the top 25 most popular podcasts as ranked by PodcastAlley.com and has been as high as 10th most popular.

On Episode 48, it was announced that Ben had resigned from his day job and was going to be doing MU full time. The main podcast will remain free, but for a fee MU Members will be able to receive an extended regular show, plus two additional shows along with other special members only extras.

A show consisting entirely of interviews was also announced. It is not known if this will be free or not.