«Nee-Hi» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Dubbed “The Fresh Prince of Ipswich” for his energetic performances and old-school style, Nee-hi is a musician ready to share his music with a much wider audience. Nee-Hi’s home-town Ipswich has seen moderate success in the urban music scene, and he intends to cement it’s reputation for talent even further. Nee-hi is noted for his eclectic flair, producing music ranging from Hip-Hop and Grime to Electro, fearlessly allowing genres to mingle and creating some astonishing experimental tracks.

Nee-hi began his artistic journey at the early age of 11, taking things much more seriously into his mid teens and focusing fully on forming a career from then. From the age of 12 he was active in grime sets and ciphers where he would learn his trade. After constant practice and writing, at 14 years of age, Nee-hi became part of a crew known as ‘Ear to the Street’. The crew worked independently to record and put out a mix tape and a DVD which featured ‘Roll Deep’. They worked extremely hard together to get recognised and to gain the interest of people in the Ipswich area. They soon proved they were the best, when E2DS won a ‘DJ cup clash’ competition which involved a number of Ipswich’s local talents.

As his music began to progress, Nee-hi brought out an independent mix tape called ‘The Story Book’ which centred around creatively conveying stories through lyrics. This idea derived from the Slick Rick album, ‘The Art of Storytelling’. Nee-hi has always been a fan of the Hip-Hop renaissance of the late 1980’s and has been largely influenced by groups such as: The Natives Tongues Posse, Rakim and Krs-One.

His most recent E.P is ‘The Delorean’ has had an extremely positive response. Drawing inspiration from 80’s cult classic movie “Back to the Future”, it focused on the idea of ‘time travelling through music’ so every song corresponds to a different point in time and draws its style from the Zeitgeist of that era. This is typical of the experimentation and imagination Nee-hi attempts to bring to his music.

At present Nee-Hi has been working almost constantly with Danny C from Aim Records and has completed the recording of his new L.P ‘Houston we have an L.P’ which is due out in November for FREE download and CD.

Nee-Hi started working with Danny C in mid July of 2010 and a couple of months after that had a new L.P completed featuring collaborations with local Ipswich artists but also P-Money and Sketchman who he is in talks with, about shooting videos for the separate tracks they feature on. Nee-Hi has already got a few starting tracks of another project. He has also shot two videos with Jacuzzi Films who are responsible for shooting videos for artists such as Devlin, Fugative, JMC and more.

Despite being a music artist, Nee-hi has shown he also has talent with writing in other areas. He has written a number of poems and performed these to audiences across the country, in places such as Ipswich, Norwich, Diss, Bedford and Manchester. His experience in poetry has enabled him to better understand the complexity of being a lyricist and helped shape the intricate wordplay apparent in his latest work.