«Neonila Lagodyuk» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

Neonila Lagodyuk is a remarkable and creative jazz composer, performing piano player and teacher. Besides composing and performing, she currently conducts jazz piano classes in one of the leading musical schools in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine.

She started her musical career as early as 10-year old at the specialized Lysenko Music School (the name after a famous Ukrainian composer) as a brilliant pianist having absolute pitch and terrific improvisational skills. While Neonila was taking classes with famous Ukrainian jazz pianists and teachers she started composing her own classical miniatures.

Since 1997, Neonila has 600 jazz piano compositions, two concerts, a rhapsody for two grand pianos and two song collections. In 2002, she has recorded her first CD that accompanies her jazz performance manual. In “The Testimonials” section on page 13, you can find references of many well-known people, including famous Ukrainian jazz musicians (like Eugen Dergunov), politicians (including the then U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. Carlos Pascual), and many others.

Currently Neonila is preparing the second Ukrainian edition of her jazz manual and first edition of her new course “Learning to Play By Ear”