«NOISES OF RUSSIA and OLGA KOMOK» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

MARTIAL INDUSTRIAL / AMBIENT / NOISE project from the far, deep and awesme Russia. Noises Of Russia & Olga Komok “Cantigas de Santa Maria” 2005. apocalyptic-music (45 min). Olga Komok is a leader of the group LATERNA MAGICA that performs medieval music In this project the authentic medieval songs of XIII century were combined with contemporary breath-noise music. In the program CANTIGAS DE SANTA MARIA performed by breath -noise group NOISES of RUSSIA & OLGA KOMOK (the leader of the medieval music collective LATERNA MAGICA) the authentic Spanish music of XIII-XIV centuries is placed into the dramatic sound landscape of the modern urban civilization. Old Spanish spiritual songs (cantigas) singing to the accompaniment of wheel lyre (it’s a modern copy of XIV century instrument) are accompanied by harmonic polyphonies (so-called landscapes), noises (music concrete), industrials sounds and rhythms.