«ПиРоКинэZ» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

ПиРоКинэZ (Pirockinez) is a Siberian hard’n’heavy band that, along with bands such as Wild Child, Stonehenge and Hellions, has not defined the sound of the new wave of Novosibirsk hard rock 2010s, and had no impact on the further evolution of this music genre in general.

For five years of music career Pirockinez haven’t sold any single copy of their’s albums, neither in the whole world nor in their own city. It’s not because of poor performance skills, but because they hadn’t recorded a full-length album yet. Okay, to be quite honest, because of poor performance skills too.

Band was formed in 2009 in Novosibirsk, Russia by it’s permanent members Alessandro Van Silver (guitar, vocals) and Anhel Strauke (drums). The most known line-up was formed in 2011 and included vocalist Costaneda Firian and bassist Paul McLoud. This line-up had ended after 3 years, in 2013. The most unstable places of line-up was vocalist (2 was changed in 5 years) and bassist (3 was changed in 5 years). In 2013 two new members has joined the band: Christoph «Jay» Stern as a new vocalist and Christina «Schelma» Völk as a second guitarist.

Name of the band («Pirockinez», misspelled from «Pyrokinesis») means «ignition», or «inflammation». The idea of name came thanks to first band’s manager Juliana Fedina. She strongly disliked first band name «Ferrum» offered by Alessandro Van Silver.

The main feature of Pirockinez band is a relation of musicians to their music. The band members (in contrast to other «bands» that are trying to «compose» an old-school heavy metal seriously) are fully aware that the 80th is over, and that all old-school music is already written and recorded by real old-school bands.

«We are just having fun and trying to bring here a piece of that time, and a bit of the old Los-Angeles dust.» — Alessandro Van Silver, Pirockinez.

Line-up in the middle of 2013

  • Christoph «Jay» Stern — vocals

  • Alessandro Van Silver — guitars, backing vocals

  • Christina «Schelma» Völk — guitars

  • Paul McLoud — bass-guitar

  • Anhel Strauke — drums


  • A. Koroev — guitars

  • M. Garifulin — guitars

  • M. Vasiliev — bass-guitar, backing vocals

  • Scoba — bass-guitar

  • Pablo Whiteflame — guitars

  • Pablo Frostman — keyboards (no records was made)

  • Costaneda Firian — vocals