«Polish Jesus Whistle» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

The folk band Polish Jesus Whistle dwells in Indianapolis. Band member Grant Whistle writes the majority of their songs. The band’s first Album, “Fables Hidden Under the Sea, Inside Boxes,” was released in 2006. PJW has said that they are writing their next album entitled “The Motionless Tiger Babies of the Sweet Ovarian Prince.”

The member of the band are: Grant Whistle, Chris Obechoir, BigTimeGregO’Neill, Flavorless Matte, Daun Door-key, Alex & Joe.

They have been influenced by Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, Nick Drake, Mississippi John Hurt, Dinosaur Jr, Mary Poppins, Sonic Youth, Jeff Mangum, Will Oldham, Frank Zappa, Jocelyn Ester Jameson and The Dozen Floating Shrunken Heads, The Motionless Tiger Babies of the Sweet Ovarian Prince, All my friends, Andy D, All the Obe’s and Door-Keys of the World, BigTimeGregO’Neill, This is Basement Pop Family, Abnormal Psychology, Religion, and My Lady.