«Ray Carl Daye» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

‘Rapid Ear Movement’ the third release by Ray Carl Daye, is a diverse collection of electronic/ambient instrumentals. The compositions range from the energetic, sequence-driven minimalism of Endless Departure and Dervish Moon to the radiant, melodic riff of Aqua Lit. Other notable tracks are the glittering soundtrack-inspired Elusian Spring and the cinematic atmosphere of The Illuminated Earth. In all, Rapid Ear Movement presents 14 distinct soundtracks for an imagined cinema.



Ray Carl Daye has been writing and recording ambient/electronic music since 2006. His first album ‘Spectral Navigator’, released on Magnatune in 2008 was chosen by Galactic Travels radio as a Top 20 CD of June 2009. His second album ‘Echoes From the Aether’ released in 2010 and available at the Hypnos store and ping things, was played on the nationally syndicated program Hearts Of Space. His current album titled ‘Rapid Ear Movement’ released on Magnatune and available at the Hypnos store and CUE Records in Germany was influenced by minimalists Steve Reich and Philip Glass, as well as Brian Eno.