«Sex on Toast» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

“Sex On Toast are probably the greatest band on earth. They are nine men, and between them they possess all the raw sexual power of Prince, the musical prowess of James Brown and the cheesy goodness of an ‘80s game show host. Sex On Toast bring the ruckus. ” - themusic.com.au, Inpress Magazine. Kate Kingsmill, writer for The Age.

A nine man explosion of 1980’s pop music, yacht-rock, Rn’B, and synth-funk, Sex On Toast showcase undeniable musical finesse whilst never taking themselves too seriously. With an outrageous live show featuring tight vocal harmonies, talk-box synthesizers, drum-machines and choreographed dance moves, they’re consistently engaging an ever expanding audience of both chin-stroking musicians and teenage revellers.

Through word of mouth alone, they’ve quickly become a cult favourite in Melbourne, regularly packing out local venues. The band has hosted several residencies at The Toff In Town, The Empress and The Evelyn Hotel, including a highly successful residency with the Vaudeville Smash in January 2013, and a sell-out residency in September 2012.