«SpothooK» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

THE solo project of Bruce W. Lemons, currently of New Mexico and formerly of Texas.

SpothooK is not easily categorized into one or even a handful of genre; it is a blend of the many differing musical influences that have inspired Bruce throughout the years. All music is created using original material and samples collected over the years, and nothing more than a computer is used in the creation of all of the songs. This is done primarily as a limiting factor to magnify the creative difficulty.

SpothooK’s aliases include Cuibono, from which one song was released that was featured on a remix EP by a close friend, Sleep Clinic. Other monikers have been long-lost in the dustbin of history.

After successfully surviving Stage III Hodgkin’s Disease at age 25, Bruce decided to release material dating back almost a decade, and begin to create new songs. This is all being compiled into what will be the first LP ever released under the name SpothooK, which will be half a sonic documentation of the last decade and half a rather cynical critique of modern life.