«Stereo Liza» - 伝記、アルバム、曲、ビデオクリップ

The history of the band starts in the spring of 2010, when Sergey and Ivan got together on the Sonic Kitchen studio in Helsinki in order to record their first song with a famous producer Aku Sinivalo (Sunrise Avenue). Before that moment the members of the band had never even met and got to know each other because of Sergey’s acquaintance to Ivan’s father.

In two days all instruments for the single called The Reason were recorded. The vocals were recorded later in Saint-Petersburg on the Solid Rock studio. Vocal tracks were sent to Helsinki for the mixing, but it got suspended because of the studio moving to a different location. Ivan and Sergey understood that it will take a lot of time and so they decided to record a debut release called All My Hope during summer on the Solid Rock studio.

From a huge amount of composed tracks guys picked the best three (The Storm, We Stay Alone, Way Back Home), which were destined to become the first release of the band. It took Ivan five days to work out and record the drum parts for these three tracks. A little time later Sergey started recording bass, guitars, keys and finally the vocals. Sergey really took his time and worked hard in order to make the vocals sound perfect. In the early autumn the mixing of the tracks got started in Saint-Petersburg. During the same time the band started negotiating about mixing with an American producer Chris Dowhan (Paramore, Haste The Day).

The first show of the band had happened on the 13th of October 2010 with an American band Blessthefall in GlavClub (Saint-Petersburg). Sergey was 22 years old by that moment and Ivan was two times younger, he was only 11. It was a huge success. The crowd had gone insane while the band was playing.

The name of the band was chosen right before the first performance after many months of uncertainty. When it came to their minds, members instantly understood that this name is just what such a unique band needs.